Allegiant  - Veronica Roth

I feel this book isn't a fast reading like Insurgent.
Maybe is because of this whole new information about Tris family and the past events in the world, or the emotional burden of having two points of view.

I like the idea of the two point of view, because it gives us a complete picture of what is happening, which was very useful, because with the communication problems that Tris and Tobias have throughout the book we would have missed a large part of the story.

( XD hahaha)

Talking about Tris, I feel like his character could have developed more, she is like paralyzed... I don't know if it is for the change that she have in the first two books that I could not notice anything new about her way of thinking. And this for my, make her a little bit predictable.

Tobias well... he has a internal fight for his genes, and because of that in the end he completely changed.


In the end I felt a little disappointed, it wasn't the end I was expecting. :/