The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner - James Dashner

Amazing book!!!
I enjoyed it, I still feel a little bit confused, the book is clever and funny.


But I end up angry with this boy Thomas... because after everything Newt and Minho protect him and support him the only thing he has in mind is Chuck and Teresa.
Which is fine, because Chuck is his friend and he feel responsible for him, and he and Teresa obviously have a connection; anyway Newt was one of his first friends too, Newt was the first in whom he trust, and even if they never get this connection like Newt has with Alby, Newt always supported him, called him Tommy. Minho, in the same way, believes in him and in the end it´s like...Thomas just forgets all this.


I don´t know maybe it's just me who feels this way...
I must confess I feel totally in love with Newt ♥

I almost died when Thomas sleeps his first night in this "forest", and when he wakes up he realizes that someone covered him with blankets... and I know it was Newt because of what Chuck tells him later (/>/////<)/