Wizards, Warriors and You, #1

The Forest of Twisted Dreams (Wizards, Warriors and You, #1) - Earl Norem, R.L. Stine

First of all i'm taking advantage of this post  wishing you all a Happy new year!!, and hoping you were able to complete all the goals you had set for 2015.
 In my case I had to change of school and this made my world upside down... in a good way! This was one of my best years (if i can say it with my short age); but took me so much time this whole change that I almost couldn't read, thus to not being able to complete my reading challenge, and not even being able to do my updates.
But am back!
And ready for this new year!
Really feels just like coming back home...
Now let´s forget about my, and lets go to the important THE BOOK.
I read it like 20 times and never reach the end!! I am starting to think maybe am a bad wizard, I always get killed! but...
I love it anyway! it's really amazing, I didn't knew this kind of books existed.
So easy and fast to read.The perfect snack!
I will keep trying to reach the end as a WIZARD!
...because i dont want to be a warrior XDD