Sekaiichi Hatsukoi: Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai

世界一初恋 ~横澤隆史の場合~ - 中村 春菊


I must admit I am impressed by this work of Nakamura sensei.

Finding a lover for Yokozawa... I dont see it easy!


In the beginning of the novel, I still hated Yokozawa for the cruel things he did or said  to Ritsu even if I knew why he did it.
It give me the other perspective, and I realize how cruel Takano was with Yokozawa.


You get to see the real Yokozawa Takafumi...
And when he interact with Kirishima you get to understand how complex that this character is.
I love how Kirishima know how to manage the character and feelings of Yokozawa, being the perfect person for Yokozawa.


I must confess I feel happy for Yokozawa...He finally found the love he deserved and Takano couldn't give him.